February 5, 2019 Guild Meeting

On a cold and snowy evening we had a fun evening with about 18 members attending.  Marnie Bernard and two other Khedive quilters came to collect the sewing for the Canadian Nurses Africa Project, and we still have until March 5 to complete this sewing.

For our Program, thanks to Sharynne Pearce for showing the video from Superior Threads.  We learned a lot about threads and their uses, including tips about metallic threads!  The girls who attended Quilt Canada in Vancouver in May were given ten of these videos for our Guild, and so we drew names to see who would receive one.  One of the videos was kept for our Guild library.

Show and Tell 

Some of our members have been very busy quilting!  We enjoyed seeing what people have completed.

IMG_0482 (1)



Debbie Giroux showed a beautiful large quilt she had completed!




Jaynie showed two pieces she had made. The first was a wall hanging for a 2020 Vision Challenge and hers is “Far Out”.  This is an outer space machine images. The sun went around the earth seeing the vision in passing.


The second wall hanging will be entered in a juried contest.  The theme is “Still” and so Jaynie did a “Still Life with a Still”.  She had the idea from seeing the Lumsden brewery and she did an abstract of a still.  So creative!


Marg has been preparing for Valentine’s Day and she has made four hangings for the occasion, one of which was UFO #1.  The hangings work well on the Ackfeld wire stands. She will share her work with her daughters.


Donna M. has also done a wall hanging for Valentine’s Day from an image she saw on Pinterest.  Donna also did a very pretty quilt called “Shimmer” which uses 20 different colours or fat quarters.

IMG_0490 (1)

Bonnie has been using up her scraps to create this colourful quilt.  The only thing she had to purchase was the fabric for the sashing.  The stars are very striking! There are 100 2.5″ squares in each block of squares to total 900 little squares.  Good job, Bonnie, in creating something so pretty from your scraps.

IMG_0491 (1)



Verla has finished a very pretty quilt from fabrics she had purchased about 10 years ago for a New York beauty class that unfortunately was cancelled.  Vera decided to make this brightly coloured quilt for her daughter, and the Khedive ladies quilted it.

IMG_0492 (1)





Sharynne showed a pretty UFO pot holder that she had started a while ago.





Eileen showed her #1 UFO which is a table runner she made using the 60 degree ruler.  Eileen also showed some table covers that she has made for some lucky little girls.  She did the quilting on these covers practicing using the machine quilting rulers from the class.

IMG_0495 (1)  

Leeann used an X block ruler and two fat quarters to create this interesting table runner.  She used the 3.5″ block (there is also a 6.5″ block), and it is sewn like a 9-patch.

Leeann had a tip she shared:  To prevent the ruler from slipping, she put (on the back of the ruler) the small stick-ons that you use on the back of a cupboard door corner to prevent the door from banging.


IMG_0496 (1)



Jill completed this beautiful “Antelope Canyon” pattern king-size quilt which measures 98″ x 98″.  She made it larger than the pattern.  The beautiful blues are Bali fabrics that she purchased on her trip to Bali.  Colleen did the long arm quilting using an orange peel design.  Jill put the “Susie’s Magic” binding on the quilt.

IMG_0497 (1)


Donna L. added a lot of fun as she told about her quilts.  She has been very busy!  She showed four quilts.

The first quilt was from Lydia’s sale of quilting items several years ago.  Donna added the black sashing to Lydia’s pre-made “pineapple design” blocks.  Colleen did the machine quilting.

IMG_0498 (1)


Donna’s second quilt used Lydia’s pinwheel blocks.  A third of the wheels were going a different direction, so Donna took them apart, and then sewed them all going in the same direction.

Colleen did the machine quilting using an orange peel design.

IMG_0499 (1)


The third quilt that Donna completed was made from appliqued blocks that Lydia had made.  Donna put the blocks together and used “coffee” fabric to go with the theme.


IMG_0500 (1)Donna’s fourth quilt was a quilt she made herself (without Lydia’s blocks)!  Donna purchased the “woollies line” of flannel from the Quilt Patch quite a while ago.  She used the Hopscotch pattern and when she wanted to add a border, she was surprised to learn the Quilt Patch was no longer there.  She fortunately was able to find material to complete the quilt. Colleen did the long arm quilting.

The next Guild meeting will be on March 5.  We look forward to seeing the next Show and Tell (including UFO #4’s).  With the cold and snowy weather, it is nice to be inside quilting!









February 5, 2019 Guild Meeting

January 8, 2019

First I must apologize for the delay in this post.  Sharynne uploaded the photos very quickly and I just did not get to this until I realized today was Guild and I hadn’t done January blog!

Our meeting started with talk of retreats – what a fun way to spend time with other quilters.  I always learn something new and love seeing what others are working on.

I did a quick program on curved piecing that didn’t go quite as expected as I was sewing with and audience with no thread!

We ended with some beautiful Show and Tell.

Debbie showed us a quilt she had made from a kit from Craftsy.  She started the way the pattern showed but wasn’t happy with the result so did a little unsewing and switchhed some blocks around and it looks wonderful.

img_0439 (1)

Debbie’s second quilt is a baby quilt with fabric from Craftsy.

img_0440 (1)

Shelley shared a great resource with us – a book the All in One Quilters Reference.

Vera has been busy making a Journal.  She used pieces from the Locker hooking class and has pages inside with various techniques she has learned.img_0441 (1)

Leeanne has finished a two year project – a beautiful knitted poncho/sweater.img_0442 (1)

Jaynie shared her upholstery sampler.img_0443 (1)

Trudi has been working on more art pieces.  This one included machine and hand stitching as well as embellishments.

img_0444 (1)

You can check out what Trudi is up to at her blog http://www.elementalquiltworks.com

Lydia shared a cat quilt she made from scraps for the Humane Society.

img_0445 (1)

Linda has been working on a Little Twister stocking.

img_0446 (1)

Happy Quilting – stay warm in this cold weather!





January 8, 2019

Quilt Classes

We have been very lucky this fall and had two more wonderful classes.

The first was 60 degree ruler class with Heather Carruthers of Quilters Haven in Moose Jaw. Heather had a great assistant Lesli who helped all of us as we put together our blocks.

This was the kind of blocks we were learning to do. Heather and Lesli

brought some wonderful quilts al made using the 60 degree ruler.

We were all inspired to get working on quilts.

The second class was Quilting with Rulers with Shirley Kelly of Shirley’s Sewing Room in Moosomin. This was another great class and maybe we can now quilt the quilts we picked in Heathers class!

Here Shirley is showing us one of the many techniques she showed us.

Here we are hard at work trying out the new techniques.

Shirley brought a wonderful array of fabrics for anyone that was looking for more colours.

She also had all the feet and rulers needed for the class. There was much discussion about low shanks or high and medium shanks etc.

Here are a few examples from my work. Not the greatest as my machine was being temperamental and did not like going backwards. With Shirley’s help I got things working not too badly.

Two great classes by great instructors thank you the Heather and Shirley.

Quilt Classes

December 2018

We started our December meeting with a great meal catered by the Wheatland Senior Centre.  After a couple of reminders we went right into another great show and tell.  It was surprising how many #6 UFOs were completed!


Charlene showed us her Magic Tiles quilt.

IMG_0405 (1)

Charlene also shared a cute reversible quilted hanging she received at the Torquay Christmas exchange.

IMG_0406 (1)

Donna W. showed us her charm square Christmas runner.

IMG_0407 (1)

Leanne used some of the upholstery squares and made a very nice reversible bag.

IMG_0408 (1)

Eileen has been busy finishing this cute growth chart which incorporated a measuring tape from Peachtree.

IMG_0409 (1)

Sharynne completed her tablerunner that she showed us last month.

IMG_0410 (1)

Marlene has been working on the Idiom challenge.

IMG_0412 (1)

Its raining cats and dogs!

Debbie Giroux shared the modern quilt blocks that Darlene Holdstock has put together after our gathering in September.

IMG_0413 (1)

Donna M. has also been working with some of the upholstery fabric to make a cute pyramid bag.

IMG_0415 (1)

Donna has been busy this month as usual and showed a couple of other bags.



Leeann finished her #6 UFO – a hopscotch quilt for her grandaughte quilted by Colleen with dragonflies and waves.

IMG_0417 (1)

Elaine added eyes to a snowman runner she made for her daughter in law several years ago.


IMG_0418 (1)

Marg’s #6 UFO was a Fold n Stitch wreath. It went to Australia with her.

IMG_0419 (1)

Vera had several things to show us – she has also been busy!


Helen made two very cute quilts for her grandchildren.



Adeline has been busy using her 60 degree ruler making several table runners and centres.


We finished off the evening with our usual Left-Right game.  Anyone that wanted made a paperpieced Christmas tree item and wrapped it.  Brenda King did another great job of including all our members in a wonderful story to distribute our gifts.  We sit in a circle and every time left or right(or write) comes up in the story we pass it that direction.

Here is our story – a big thank you to Brenda! PLEASE don’t believe everything you read!!

Santa, the Guild, and the Soo Theater

RIGHT after Santa arrived in Weyburn last Christmas, he realized Weyburn citizens were LEFT with a crushing blow.  The Soo Theater had closed.  To the LEFT and RIGHT businesses thrived, but the theater was LEFT deserted.

Santa realized RIGHT away that avid theater goes like Diana,Vickie, Debbie, and Helen were RIGHTfully heart broken.  The three Donnas, Jaynie, and Verla LEFT Weyburn to see movies in Regina and Estevan.  That wasn’t RIGHT as money then LEFT town.

Jill, Jan, Marion and Terena decided to WRITE whomever they could think of to get help.  Adeline even decided to WRITE Santa.

Santa couldn’t help as he would be LEFT with no time to supervise his elves including the mischievous Charlene, Shelby, Eva, and Joanne.  Mrs. Claus couldn’t help as she would be LEFT with no time to coffee with her friends Grace, the two Dots, and Leona.

Santa turned to the Crocus Quilt Guild.  Could they RIGHT this wrong for the community?  They would try or be LEFT with great disappointment.

Marg, Dorothy Benning, and Michele volunteered to head up this committee and the rest of the quilters said these ladies wouldn’t be LEFT doing the bulk of the work.  RIGHT away the group realized that to make profits LEFT, RIGHT and sideways, it wouldn’t be RIGHT to use all the space for seats and the screen.

Lydia and Sharynne wondered if it would be RIGHT to have 150 seats and a screen half the size and to use the LEFTover space for other profitable things.  Yvonne, Marianna, and Eileen thought that was the RIGHT idea and asked those LEFT without jobs to come up with ideas.

“My longarm machine could go in the RIGHT back corner,” said Colleen Sproat.

“I wanted the RIGHT back corner for my hand quilting frame,” said Esther, “but I could use the RIGHT front corner instead.”

Bonnie, Lynne, Shelley, Darlene, Leann Miller, and Nancy smiled impish smiles as they rolled their homemade cigarettes.  “Let’s have a smoking area RIGHT behind the screen,” said these legal pot-smoking ladies.

That LEFT Vera and Shannon aghast.  Smoke pot RIGHT in the guild’s theater?  No way!  It wasn’t RIGHT to get the smell of smoke into the fabrics.  They could smoke their pot RIGHT outside in the alley like the rest of the guild members.

Those who thought the pot smokers’ idea wasn’t RIGHT, shouted out other ideas.  Leanne Alexander said an area for cutting fabric was RIGHT.  Marlene and Linda Unraw said an area for the library was RIGHT.  Trudi said an area to store charity quilts was RIGHT. Gloria added that an area for swapping unused fabric was RIGHT and Linda Klemenz said it was only RIGHT to have a demo area.  Dorothy Schoff said any LEFTover area could be used to rent space to Weyburn’s RIGHT wing and LEFT wing politicians.

Rhonda and Sheila weren’t at the meeting so had to WRITE and mail their ideas.  Their ideas were LEFT at the bottom of a mailbag due to the postal disruptions.

It was Peggy and Elaine‘s job to WRITE to Santa and Mrs. Claus so they knew the guild hadn’t LEFT the community hanging.  They had saved the Soo Theater!  They included a list of the first movies they would show:  The Kids Are All RIGHT, The RIGHT Kind of Wrong, Elvis Has LEFT the Building, Dudley Do-RIGHT, RIGHT at Your Door, My LEFT Foot, All the RIGHT Moves, and Do the RIGHT Thing.

Mayor Roy was so pleased with the Guild that he declared December 25th Crocus Quilt Guild Day.  The rest of the world was LEFT with it being only Christmas Day, but RIGHTfully Weyburn would celebrate both Christmas and their beloved heroes – the Weyburn Quilt Guild.

Santa smiled as he LEFT for his 2018 trip.  Gifts and gratitude would be LEFT for the Crocus Quilters who made Christmas especially great RIGHT in their own neighborhood.

December 2018

November 13, 2018 Guild Meeting

The November meeting had a large number of members present, as well as some welcomed guests.  Leanne did a program on paper piecing showing how members can sew the tree ornament for the Christmas exchange, if they wish.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell must have been record breaking as it took approximately 40 minutes, having about twenty presenters!  It was awesome and so inspiring!

Vera  started the Show and Tell by showing two items she had made for the Idiom Challenge.  Colleen is holding “Birds of a Feather” and Vera has her “Eye Candy”.  Vera took the machine ruler class and she went home and experimented with the result of another Idiom — “It’s in the Bag”.

Vera had won a door prize at our 2018 Quilt Show and she made the cute wall hanging from Corinne’s Love of Quilting.  Vera also made a Christmas Tree wall hanging and she used the ruler class to do cirlces in the quilting.  Small decorations will hang on the buttons.

Donna M. showed her cute Idiom Challenge creation — “Out on a Limb”.  She also showed her circular UFO (her # 3 for the draw) which she had started quite a while ago.


Leanne finished a paper pieced fall table centre, as well as Christmas pillows.  She enlarged the pattern for the Christmas ornament to make the pillow, and she quilted the trim on the tree using the ruler class.

Leanne’s # 3 UFO Challenge was completing a Christmas panel wall hanging, the 12 Days of Christmas. She also used fabric from the cupboard and made a wallet that can hold business cards.

IMG_0359 (1)



Donna W. showed a Halloween table centre that she had made.  This is the last of her Halloween fabric that Bonnie had given her.  Donna has made many Halloween items for her grandkids!



IMG_0360 (1)




Linda U. show a “Quiet Book” she had made for her grandkids who are under two.  As a long time Kindergarten teacher, she has taught many children how to tie bows, do zippers, etc.  What a handy book!

IMG_0361 (1)






The Guild is happy to welcome Irene to our Guild.  Irene took the Beginner’s Class in October and she showed her completed Christmas table runner.  Well done, Irene!


Marg has been busy playing with the 60 Degree ruler prior to the 3D Class that used this ruler.  In the second picture, the same striped fabric provides two different table centres.

Marg also had a # 3 UFO sunflower table runner finished.  She has made five of the “Fold and Stitch” Christmas wreaths — great for gifts!

IMG_0367 (1)




Bonnie showed a # 3 UFO from a pattern purchased in 2016 in Canmore — a Row by Row wall hanging.


IMG_0368 (1)





Linda K. had a # 3 UFO of a fall wall hanging.  She did machine quilting and fabric painting on it.


IMG_0370 (1)




Sharynne showed her # 3 UFO wall hanging that she made using fabric from the cupboard. She did applique using some upholstery fabric, and the background was fabric from her Mom.




Eileen has been busy!  She showed two mats from the Locker Hooking class Vera’s daughter gave.  She also had a festive 60 degree ruler table centre. The hexigon table runner was made from fabric she purchased in Hawaii.

Eileen used the Lil’ Twister ruler and made William’s every day quilt.  And Eileen’s # 3 UFO is a lovely striped quilt.  Colleen did the quilting on this quilt and it has lovely fireside minkie backing.

IMG_0376 (1)

Colleen’s beautiful quilt was made as a “Walk of Honour” quilt for Hill Top Manor’s “Front Door” Policy.  The quilt will be used by the funeral home as a drape so that “as the deceased entered through the front door, they will leave through the front door”.

There are lots of non-gender colours (one Jelly Roll), and butterflies are used as the long arm quilting pattern.  The backing is teal.

IMG_0377 (1)





Guild members can make Kitty Pillows for the Humane Society and Adeline will deliver them.  The pillows should be 12″ x 18″ and be stuffed with fabric scraps.  Several members brought pillows, including six that Donna M. had made that Colleen is showing.


Eva has been very busy and she showed three beautiful pieces.  She loves to do Red Work embroidery and she did hand stitched around the girls.  The second wall hanging was burgundy.  The green and gold quilt was made from fabric “Rose Garden” she bought about five years ago in Arizona.   She did her own quilting on her long arm machine.

IMG_0381 (1)




Dot showed a quilt from a kit.  It has small animals.  She will give it as a charity quilt for a child.




Trudi has been busy quilting for “Bazaart”  in Regina where she will sell her beautiful work as “Elemental Quiltworks”.  The first orange and purple quilt is made with no rulers — just strips cut and then squared off before the binding.  The yellow and black baby quilt was made using fabric that matched the cute backing colours.  This scrappy quilt is very modern.

More quilts by Trudi included a very pretty muted purple batiks quilt.  The back used the same colours.  The second photo shows two of her  three”snow dyed” fabric table runners or wall hangings.  She used powdered dye with snow, and when the snow melted, she had the designs on the fabric.  What fun and how pretty!

IMG_0387 (1)



Esther, once again, used very pretty and bright colours to create this “Jelly Bean” quilt.  She purchased the fabric with the colours of jellybeans in mind.  The quilt is for her great-grandson.  She did the quilting herself by stitching in the ditch.  This is her # 3 UFO item completed.




Shelley is getting ready for Christmas with her quilting.  She made a Christmas wall hanging using a panel.  She likes the message — “Christmas Pure and Simple”!  This item will be going to Calgary.  The second piece is a Christmas “Quilt as you Go” table runner.

Dorothy showed a beautiful wall hanging that she had made for her sister, but her sister has moved and no longer has room for it, and so Dorothy has it at home now.  It has 3-D embroidered butterflies and leaves.  Dorothy also showed two aprons.  The one shown here is reversible  and she started it three years ago.  This is her # 3 UFO!

The final showings of the evening were done by Jaynie.  The wall hanging was made for the Credit Union contest. (that Brenda King won!)  The entries were to use the Credit Union’s corporate colours, and to show a Weyburn scene.  Jaynie has the water tower in the hill.  The second photo shows Jaynie’s entry in the City’s Wearable Art exhibition.  Jaynie wore the dress (covered with dresser scarves and doilies) and as a Super Hero, she had a “shield” and “weapon”.  Her husband did the write-up using lots of sewing phrases describing her outfit to add to the creativity.  Her weapon of Masked Construction was well done using knitting needles!

UFO Challenge winner

The winner of the draw from the # 3 UFO Challenge participants was Linda U., receiving a gift certificate to eat out!  Congratulations! Next month’s item will be # 6!

Thanks to all who shared their Show and Tell items!  The next meeting will be our Christmas dinner and meeting at the Wheatland Senior Centre on December 4!  Happy quilting!





November 13, 2018 Guild Meeting

October 2, 2018 Guild Meeting

The October Guild meeting had an interesting program presented by Linda K. using a video about re-sizing quilts.  Following the meeting and program we had Show and Tell.  (Love some of the facial expressions!)

IMG_0328 (1)


At the Fall Retreat Linda K. worked on two pillow cases to match her recently completed “Light to dark” quilt.

The borders of the pillow cases used scraps from the quilt and were done by paper piecing  a “wonky flying geese” pattern.


IMG_0329 (1)



Dot showed a pretty baby quilt that she is donating to Charity.  She used a Layer Cake and a Charm pack to create this colourful quilt.



IMG_0330 (1)



Marg showed a fall UFO that she completed similar to one she had done years ago.  The leafs are appliqued and satin stitched.  Could this table runner count for the #3 UFO Challenge?



Joanne has been busy making more bags.  She showed two cute Halloween “Trick or Treat” bags that are reversible.  She had re-sized the pattern to make it larger. In the second photo, Joanne showed a folded shopping bag that she had made and she said it was an easy pattern from the internet.



Joanne also showed her Hopscotch pattern (from the Quilt Patch) quilt she had finished at the Fall Retreat.  The flannel quilt is so nice and soft.  Joanne used a wiggly line design for the quilting that she did.




Charlene has been very busy!  She showed two quilts.  The first was a pretty “Ribbon” quilt that looks woven. Charlene’e Alaska quilt was made using a panel,”Moose Tracks”, that was cut apart, and Charlene also added re-sized blocks from the design from the panel blocks.  Charlene started this quilt about two years ago and she hand quilted it.

Colleen’ Tip:  Before the quilting is done, fold a quilt top with the good side facing out, so the fragile side is protected.  Once a quilt is finished, fold the quilt top to the inside, to protect the more fragile stitching of the top.


It was fun to see all of Donna M.’s cute pieces.  Her first runner she showed was appliqued birds and flowers.  Buttons were added for interest.  The giraffe wall hanging was really cute, quilted using wavy lines.  It had lots of very small pieces!  The baby quilt of cute little critters was a panel that Donna cut apart and added sashing and corner stones.  The fleecy backing makes it nice and soft.   Donna likes to using her walking foot to do the quilting.

IMG_0339 (1)




Vera likes bright colours and this baby quilt, “Moving On”, is on its way to Calgary.




IMG_0340 (1)




Esther, too, loves bold colours and she showed an interesting piece she had sewn using curves.  She quilted it in a spiral design starting in the middle and working her way to the outside.  It was very effective!



During the weekend of the Fall Retreat, Michele and Jaynie drove to High River, AB and attended a Fiber Art Conference which they thoroughly enjoyed!  They had to take an 8 1/2 x 11 inch journal piece to trade.  They also had to give a 10 minute presentation of what they had done in the past year.  So, Michele got busy and finished some very interesting pieces.  Below are three of her completed pieces.


The first photo shows a flower made with separate quilted petals.  The background is quilted using metallic variegated threads.  The middle photo shows a harvest scene of bales.  This piece was done as a quilt as you go.  The bales were made from upholstery fabric and the trees were made using green doily edging.  The third wall hanging Michele created after being inspired by Gloria Loughman’s “tiling” shown at the Quilt Canada 2018 Show.  The background tiles are raw edged, hand dyed fabric that was appliqued.  The poppies are punched wool.

IMG_0344 (1)



Michele’s fourth piece that she showed is a work in progress.  This piece was from the class that Michele attended at Quilt Canada 2018.  The class was “Quilting using your walking foot” and Michele did lots of experimenting using variegated threads and lots of designs.



IMG_0345 (1)



The final quilt of the evening was shown by Yvonne.  This is a T-shirt quilt that she made for her 10 year old grandson using his T-shirts. Won’t he be surprised to see his shirts as a quilt!  She used iron-on fusible interfacing and Colleen did the long arm quilting.



The next Guild meeting will be held on November 13 (the second Tuesday due to a Concert on the first Tuesday of November).  Bring your completed UFO #3!.

October 2, 2018 Guild Meeting