March 6, 2018 Guild Meeting

Following a big winter snow storm that left lots of snow on the roads, this snowy evening (which had a concert taking place, also) had a very small group attend our guild meeting: just 8 members.  But even a small group of quilters will have fun! Colleen provided an interesting program of arranging 5″ squares that had been cut on a diagonal from 2″ on one side to 3″ on the other.  The colourful pieces had been sewn together by Colleen to make blocks that we could arrange to see what designs we could create.


Colleen was very well organized and she used the Guild’s design wall for her presentation. Also, she demonstrated a wonderful tip of “chain pressing” the seams of the blocks by slipping one block inside the other to set and press the seams of several blocks at one time.


Here are the members that participated in arranging Colleen’s blocks.


Above are some possible arrangements that Colleen showed.  The pinwheel has had a green strip added to one side of each block so that the blocks are square.


Above are some of the arrangements that the group created.


Following the meeting and program, we had Show and Tell.


For a break from sewing large quilts, Marg has been busy making smaller items. Above are two pieces she has made for spring.  On the left is a mini quilt kit that she made showing little bunnies.  On the right is a pattern she used to make a spring decoration of tulips and crocuses.  It will be nice to see real spring flowers actually blooming!


Marg’s two wall hangings of irises and cone flowers, that she started a few years ago, were finally completed.  The batiks provide perfect colours for the flowers.


Jaynie showed a beautiful quilt that she has quilted for her daughter who is expecting a baby.  This modern quilt, made of blocks that Jaynie pieced with strips going in a variety of directions, was really pretty as the shading went from light to dark.


Bonnie recently returned from holidaying in sunny Mexico.  As a dedicated quilter, she took a little sewing machine with her as a carry-on, and she pieced this “Little Twister Ruler” quilt. She took bright colourful scraps from home.

While in Mexico, always thoughtful and keeping busy, Bonnie volunteered at a local place near where she was staying and she did some sewing for them, and she made a mattress for an indigenous person there. Good for you, Bonnie, to work with Mexicans and learn more about their culture by being a volunteer, and not worrying about a language barrier!


We all look forward to seeing the “Snowbirds” back and having a larger group attend our next Guild meeting on April 3. 






March 6, 2018 Guild Meeting