Meeting of the Guilds – April 4, 2017

What an enjoyable evening spent with some of our neighbouring guilds.  Thank you to Weyburn guild members who assisted with the evening that was organized by Brenda and Gloria.  They prepared a very welcoming atmosphere decorated in Canada’s red and white colours commemorating the 150 year of Confederation.

Our special trunk show was presented by Jayne Himsl. Her presentation took us on her journey as a beginner quilter(we’ve all been there) to a fibre artist who entered judged shows to gleen constructive feedback to improve her art. With joining fibre art groups,classes and persistence Jayne was juried into an international fibre art show that will tour the world. The first stop is Puduka, Kentucky this summer. She has also been juried into Grand Nationals and CQA. Earning well deserved awards from them. Jaynie was an inspiration to us all!  The following are a few pictures from her Trunk Show.

The next event on the agenda was Show n Tell. Our visitors from Touquay,Kedive and Estevan were invited to bring items. We all love Show n Tell!!

Torquay started off with a number of items that everyone enjoyed. These gals know how to quilt!!!

If you are confused seeing Charlene with the Torquay guild there is no mistake. She belongs to Weyburn’s guild and Torquay’s guild. There are no rules how many guilds you can belong to. No quilt Police! We love sharing as much as she loves sharing❤️

Next on on the list were Weyburn members with their projects.

The evening ended with Quilter’s Strip Poker and prizes. Thank you to everyone attending you made the evening FUN!  See you next year????😍

Meeting of the Guilds – April 4, 2017