February 7, 2017


Here is the most recent creation for Brenda’s online Challenge Group.  The theme was “Fantasy”  Brenda created this plate full of fabric cookies titled “No Calories”  She was inspired while doing her Christmas cookie baking.

This table runner provided an opportunity for Leeanne to practice her machine quilting.  She confirms that practice does make it better!!

Another table runner to develop her machine quilting skills.  Also a knitted sock that was created while spending time in a truck in the oilfield.  She sure knows how to make good use of her time!


This is Jayne’s creation that is her interpretation of “Fantasy” for the online Challenge group.  It is titled “Diamonds in the Snow”.



Here is Jayne’s entry for the National Jury Show.  It is titled “Coffee Time” .  Good luck with this entry.



We have seen this creation of Jayne’s before but this time it has a very special award attached to it.  This piece was chosen from 500 entries to a Studio Art Quilt Association in Paducah, Kentucky.  It will be traveling with 35 other award winning pieces internationally for 2 years.  It is titled “Cottonwood Delta Blues”  It is a representation of how mankind is altering the distribution of water.



Marg shares some 60 degree centerpieces. It is always interesting to see what different fabrics create.


This is a Christmas quilt completed by Marg.


Esther’s log cabin is stunning in reds and creams.  Esther worked on this during the fall retreat.



Marlene has another baby quilt completed.  The applique nursery rhyme characters are very cute.


Marlene’s hands must never be still.  Here are hand embroidered blocks in this quilt that are all from nursery rhymes.  28 blocks in total.  This beautiful quilt is going to her grandson.  She needs to challenge him to learn each nursery rhyme!


March 7 meeting will be a time for members to exchange patterns and the sharing of some unique or favourite quilting tools.




February 7, 2017

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