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quilt show 2


February 2, 2016

February was the month to share quilting tips among members.  There were many suggestions offered by the members to help one another.  Donna started us off with the reasons quilting will keep us healthy!

The raffle quilt is back from Terry Whitman, who quilted it.  The binding is finished and the leftovers were used to create a pillow cover.  Gorgeous.  Tickets will be handed out to guild members to start sell at the March meeting.

Leeann shared the curved table runner that she tried for the first time.  It was so fun she made a second one!!

IMG_0326[1]   Look what happens when you go digging in the leftovers in your stash.  Leanne wanted a wall hanging for Valentine’s Day. Ta Dah! She feels inspired to make more for the upcoming holidays.  We can’t wait to see more!

IMG_0325[2]  Marg just couldn’t stop talking about her experiences with making the Hunter Star.  She made this sampler using the Hunter Star ruler.  The ruler worked slick because it was trimmed during each step.  It was time consuming but resulted in a perfect star.  Then she used the Accuquilt die for the Hunter Star.  It was less time consuming!  The only draw back was the seams need to be accurate 1/4 inch.  Marg has now taken on the task of creating a full size quilt using the Hunter Star design.  Her final  decision of method was to use the Accuquilt Go cutter and die.  She liked the time it would save and she can use this project as an opportunity to get that “accurate” 1/4 inch seam.


Lydia is ready for Spring with this new table runner and center piece.  Table runners are always a chance for us to practise our machine quilting.  This table runner also provided Lydia with some meditative stitch removal.  Lydia finished quilting the runner only to find out the backing was flipped to the wrong side!!!  How can these things happen???


IMG_0333[1]  Verla has completed her guild challenge.  Not all our names are easy to find items that start with the same letter.  Verla’s Valentine is perfect!


IMG_0329[2]  Marlene’s Carpenter Star pillow cover looks great in blues.  Nicely done!


IMG_0330[2]  Brenda was very proud to show us a caricature that was specially commissioned by an artist that her daughter knows in Ontario.  Very special!  It’s one of a kind just like you Brenda!

February 2, 2016