January 5, 2016





Leeann calls this her “Happy Quilt”.  She enjoyed working on it so much because of the colours and the ease of the pattern.


This quilt Colleen started at the Fall Retreat.  It was finished in time to give to her daughter for Christmas.  The pattern is called “Gently Down the Stream”


Colleen finished another quilt. This quilt is called “Modern Bargello”.  It is queen size.


Bonnie brought a very old quilt to share with the group.  It was interesting to see the materials used and the way they age with time.


This project earned Bonnie big points with her daughter and grand daughter.  Bonnie’s daughter requested this mermaid style cuddle blanket for her daughter.  Bonnie and her sister Gloria took on the challenge to create this project without a pattern.  They were only guided by a picture and their own imagination.  Very successfully done!  Her grand daughter will be the envy of all the little girls at her next sleep over.


Kathleen took on the task of doing this quilt from a pattern and fabric collection that her friend had.  Her friend could not see herself doing it but for Kathleen it was a challenge that she met with enthusiasm.  What a beautiful quilt.  Wait till her friend sees the fun she missed!!


Jaynie has been busy producing another piece that is an addition to the leaf map series.  She also received acceptance into a juried show. One of the other pieces in this series will be a part of a group exhibition called “Our Corner of the World Canada”.  The exhibit will open in Statford, Ontario in the spring.  Then the exibit will travel to different venues afterwards.  I believe she mentioned national and international venues.  Congratulations Jaynie!



Jaynie was envious of all the bags people have been showing so she took to creating some herself.  This bag has a beach theme.  The sections have floating embellishments to give the illusion of water.


Donna was very busy sewing for her friends and family this Christmas.  This project was for herself.  How nice to stop and treat ourselves sometimes.  We all need to follow Donna’s example.


Donna shares another completed project that can be used as a wall hanging.


Here is a sneak peek at the raffle quilt for the upcoming quilt show.  It is on it’s way to Terry Whitman’s for the quilting.  It is a beauty!  Nice work done by all the ladies who joined in at the library on Thursdays.

January 5, 2016

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