November 3, 2015

We had some mini stations at our November meeting.


Lynne showing how to make migrating flying geese.


Leanne demonstrated the art of Sashiko.  This is a Japanese embroidery technique.


Jill showing how to make dimensional, one seam flying geese.  Thanks to a video by Ricky Tims that she copied.

Show and Tell started with the table runners made at the Quick Curves class put on by Sandy Cook.




Jill showing the table runner that she completed as well as the one Colleen finished.  Marg and Vera shared their work.


Lynne, Donna M., Eileen, Esther and Bonnie showed us theirtablerunners – some finished, some still being worked on, but all beautiful.


Sharynne showing her quilt that she did with Ethel.


Eva has been busy with this green quilt.




Donna is one of our newest members but we are seeing that she is not really a beginner quilter.  Donna shared a braided quilt she had adapted from the hexagon class and a great 3 dimensional quilt as you go baby quilt.  Also a great quilted bag.



Joanne made this great carry all from a beach towel.


Although we had seen this hexagon topper before it was complete now it looks even better Eileen.


Adeline showing her slippers.


Brenda shows her drag quilt that she made for her newest granddaughter (I hope I got the name right – I believe it was a name invented by Brenda)


Brenda shows a couple of table runners.



Shelley has been working on beautiful quilts for her grandchildren.


She also showed us a quilt that she had ordered from an Amish community on her travels.  She picked the fabrics and pattern and it was all hand sewn by Amish ladies.  It took over a year before she received it. It was incredible.


Jaynie showed us a couple of pieces.  The smaller piece she received in an exchange completed by someone else.



Yvonne shows a second tree skirt that she finished.  The first one you might see on the tree in some of the pictures.  This is our tree with the beautiful Christmas decorations everyone made and is now on display at the Festival of Trees at Barber Motors.  The tree will be auctioned along with all the other trees on November 26th.




Esther shows a bag she completed.  If you are attending the mini retreat on Saturday this is the bag that Esther will be demoing there.

November 3, 2015

Quick Curves Class – Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday’s class

We started our day off with a little shopping!  Loved Sandy’s mobile store stocked from Perwinkle in Saskatoon.

iphone Oct 2015 084 iphone Oct 2015 083

Then Sandy got us cutting, pressing and sewing using the Quick Curve ruler. We were a quiet bunch as we sewed our curves!

iphone Oct 2015 086 iphone Oct 2015 085

Sandy gave us a bonus demo on finishing binding.

.iphone Oct 2015 088 iphone Oct 2015 087

She also shared some of her favourite designs that she uses in machine quilting.

What a great day spent with Sandy!!  Thank you!

Sunday’s class

Sandy was a great teacher and she demonstrated each step as we were ready for it.  She showed us the easy way to sew curves – no pinning.


Everyone was hard at work.

IMG_4055 IMG_4054

Vera trying to decide which layout she likes.


Two options for Jill’s quilt.

IMG_4074 IMG_4073

Christa completed her top.


When we knew Christa was coming to class we asked her to bring some of her backings.  She sells queen size cotton and flannel backs that are in beautiful colours and prints.  She also carries quilt batting.  Well worth checking with Christa if you are looking for backs or batting.



Sandy told us a couple of times that we were progressing faster than Saturdays class.  We didn’t think much of it until we found the reason.  They spent much of their time shopping and there was nothing left for us to shop from so we got right to work!

Sandy also finished our class with some great ideas for machine quilting.IMG_4076 IMG_4077

I wonder how many finished table runners we will have at our meeting on Tuesday.  Stay posted for the next blog to find out!

Quick Curves Class – Saturday and Sunday.

Sandy Cook’s Trunk Show – Oct16

Thank you to Sandy Cook for a very entertaining evening.  It is hard to believe that all of these quilts fit into her car!  Thank you also goes to the program committee that worked with Sandy to put together this event.  We also want to recognize that this event was a collaborated event with Torquay Guild – Block Party Guild.  Together we can make great things happen in our little corner of this province 🙂

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The trunk show followed with a social. There was time to look closer at Sandy’s work and enjoy the delicious dainties that were brought by many members.

iphone Oct 2015 079 iphone Oct 2015 077

iphone Oct 2015 082 iphone Oct 2015 080

Sandy Cook’s Trunk Show – Oct16