Dam Good Stitching 2015 – Sept 18-20

Quilt Retreat 2015 028
Joanne is doing some very hard thinking….
Quilt Retreat 2015 004
More hard thinking….. Wait a minute…that is not a quilt!
Quilt Retreat 2015 005
Vickie dazzled us with the Twister Ruler! We were all very impressed

Quilt Retreat 2015 016


Quilt Retreat 2015 009
Donna is embracing Modern Quilting. Pansies and batiks make lovely companions.


Quilt Retreat 2015 010
Yvonne is getting ready for Christmas.


Quilt Retreat 2015 017

It is her Christmas dress!!!  a.k.a. tree skirt!

Quilt Retreat 2015 011

Charlene is making a baby gift using one of her favourite patterns.  She doesn’t usually make a pattern more than once but this one has had many repeats.

Quilt Retreat 2015 018

Top completed!

Quilt Retreat 2015 013

Enjoying a beautiful day!  No need for shoes!!

Quilt Retreat 2015 014

Bonnie continues to construct her Construction Quilt!  She is using the “quilt as you go” method.

     Quilt Retreat 2015 019 Quilt Retreat 2015 020 Quilt Retreat 2015 021Another completed project for Yvonne!


Quilt Retreat 2015 022 Like a cat in the sun 🙂 This became a very popular spot for hand sewing

Quilt Retreat 2015 023 Donna’s quilt just needs some hand sewing on the binding.  She’s heading for the couch in the sun!

Quilt Retreat 2015 024 Colleen’s just working on stripping….I mean working with strips!

Quilt Retreat 2015 026

Shelley is machine quilting her second quilt.  She’s considering the merit of having these quilts custom quilted.  What is Terry’s phone number?  But there is the pride of completing the whole quilt yourself!!!

Quilt Retreat 2015 027 Lots of space for us to fill with our wares!!!

Quilt Retreat 2015 029  Jaynie’s project is inspired by a poem that we all had fun interpreting.  There is nothing like a group of women to offer their opinions 😉

Next year’s dates for the retreat have been booked!!  Mark your calendars  Sept. 16-18, 2016

Dam Good Stitching 2015 – Sept 18-20

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