December 5, 2017 Guild Meeting

What a great evening! We started by socializing with punch, and then we were treated to a delicious catered meal by Rebecca.  Following the meal we had a brief business meeting and then Brenda presented the entertainment.

Brenda had two excellent games.  In the first game we tried to solve quilting acronyms which were quite tough — i.e., STASH — Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden.


In the second game we were challenged to draw a nine patch of a Friendship Block by drawing on a paper that we held on our head.  Each table had a representative winner (shown above with Marion cut off on the right)  and with lots of laughter at our drawings, Jill was victorious!

Following the games the much anticipated “Left/Right” story written by Brenda was held and we exchanged the gifts we had created using the piece of cute fabric that Brenda had provided. There was quite a variety of items and it was a lot of fun.

Prizes were given for those whose names were drawn from the “Cupboard Challenge”. Congratulations to Brenda, Colleen and Sharynne.  Also, Brenda provided a Saskatoon pie as a door prize and the winner was Esther.  For the table centres, those with birthdays closest to International Quilting Day (March 18)  were the winners.  Thanks to Brenda for all the work she did creating such an attractive setting and  for the fun and entertaining evening.

The evening culminated with Show and Tell.

Charlene has recovered from her trip to Bali and was able to show an attractive quilt.


Darlene showed  a festive paper pieced table runner — all set for the holiday season.

Dorothy has been busy.  She showed four items.  The two above were a table topper and a sunflower cushion that were made with fabric petals.

Dorothy added a machine embroidered poinsettia to the corner of a silver and white table runner that will make a beautiful gift.  A machine embroidered Christmas boot with flowers placed in a wire frame will also make a very attractive wall hanging.


Vera showed three more bags that will make popular gifts.  She had used different battings and she preferred working with the softer batting.


Jill answered the call from the WCS Pillow Case Project to have pillow cases donated. Jill made a cute Superman pillow case using fabric from the Cupboard Challenge.

Adeline, too, has been busy. She showed her Blazing Star block she made at the November retreat; a festive table runner; and a cozy quilt from fabric from the cupboard.


Esther was working on this “rectangles and squares” quilt at the September Retreat. She has it completed in time to be a beautiful Christmas gift.  She did the machine quilting by sewing “wavy” lines, and it was very effective!

Bonnie has been working on UFO’s and completed these two items that used a creative grid ruler — Scrap Crazy.  The one item is a beautiful quilt for a human, while the other is a dog mat (in which she used a towel for batting) and the lucky dog will be very happy to have his own washable cozy mat.


Brenda showed a very cute paper pieced “trees and houses” wall hanging that she quilted that will make a beautiful Christmas gift.


2 1/2″ strips were turned into two lovely Christmas table runners by Leanne.


Marg showed her almost finished Christmas “Boughs and Bows” wall hanging that she started in order to learn paper piecing.  It will be ready to hang for Christmas.


Above is an ad from Jan who has a 700 Janome sewing machine for sale.

May all our Guild members and quilters have a very blessed and happy Christmas! Enjoy the holidays and the festive season before the next Guild meeting which will be held on January 2, 2018!

December 5, 2017 Guild Meeting

November 7, 2017 Guild Meeting

Jan and Vera organized a really interesting program by asking members to bring the first quilt they had made, and/or an old quilt to show.  We all enjoyed the stories behind the quilts, as well as seeing such a variety of quilts with lots of colour and both new and old patterns.


Following the showing of the quilts, members voted on various categories. Dot had the “most colourful” quilt; Esther, Darlene and Ronna had the “oldest quilts as well as the best cared for quilts”; Marion had the “most unusual” quilt with the cute Scottie dogs; and Linda had the “most well loved” quilt which had nylons as the batting.

During the regular Show and Tell, there were some beautiful and inspiring items.

Adeline has been busy quilting.  She showed a table runner from a kit she had quilted, plus a lap quilt using lots of blue squares from the cupboard.  She also learned the Dresden Plate design at the retreat and finished a table top that Lydia had started.



Dot made a cozy winter quilt that she will donate.


Esther used colourful fabric from the cupboard and had lots of squares that she also included in the backing.

Marg also learned the Dresden Plate pattern from Lydia at the retreat and showed her two finished samples.

Vera has been busy quilting a set of sunflower place mats using dyed fabric; a Dresden Plate table centre; and several Christmas gift boxes which she made using fabric from the cupboard.

Joanne showed a cute paper pieced bib, plus a lovely bag she made at the September retreat.


Yvonne used the hopscotch pattern to make this cozy purple cuddle quilt for her granddaughter.  Colleen did the long arm quilting on it.

Brenda used some of the fabric from the cupboard to  create these three lovely lap quilts.

Brenda and Jaynie have done an online challenge based on Picasso’s style of painting. Brenda created her dog, while Jaynie created the artist Picasso — both imaginative items made from fabric!


Jaynie and Michele did a fibre art challenge as a partnership.  They interpreted their journey from a retreat in Manitoba traveling by car, then discussing over coffee, and writing their thoughts in words in the coffee steam or in the road signs.  What creativity to meet this challenge!  Well done, ladies!

Jaynie showed two other creative fibre art pieces she has done.  The first, Tom’s Tree,  is based on the Canadian artist Tom Thompson’s work.  Jaynie created the second wall hanging, Dusk to Dawn, based on a photo taken in Ottawa.  It was fascinating to see the choice of fabric for windows to reflect the light.


November 7, 2017 Guild Meeting

October 3, 2017 Guild meeting

The program on Paper Piecing was presented by Bonnie and Marg. Following a video presentation, members had the opportunity to do a sample of paper piecing with a demonstration by Bonnie and Marg. Members created a Trunk Show by showing paper pieced items they had made, such as the samples Bonnie is holding below.



Esther showed her pretty pink quilt done by paper piecing.


Colleen’s creative skills resulted in a paper pieced pattern she designed based on a dragonfly.


Elma’s stunning stained glass quilt is all paper pieced!

Vera did a cactus and a log cabin piece that were hand sewn.


Lydia is experienced with paper piecing!  She showed a log cabin Christmas table centre above as well as two table runners below.  Love those perfect points!



To practice paper piecing for the evening’s program, Marg’s first  attempt is a poppy design.


Joanne showed a paper pieced baby’s bib.


And, Bonnie’s New York Beauty is a work in progress!

Following the Program and meeting, Lydia showed samples of the Dresden Plate pattern that she has used for a variety of items.  At the mini retreat on October 14 Lydia will demonstrate how to use this ruler.  Shown here are single and double Dresden plate table centres and a cushion.  Christmas colours will make beautiful gifts!




Following the Dresden Plate samples, the regular Guild Show and Tell was held.


Elma showed her King-size scrappy “Prairie Points” pattern.  Even the back used scraps.  This quilt is off to Calgary for a lucky recipient there!

Donna M. has been busy!  She showed three beautiful items. From a Quilt Patch kit Donna quilt an “Autumn Blessings” wall hanging.  A colourful child’s space ship quilt will make someone very happy.  The quilt below is made with many, many tiny scrappy pieces, and Donna has lots of pieces left to create another quilt.




Joanne completed three bags at the September retreat.  One is for her granddaughter.

Donna W. showed fabric baskets and as an incentive to us, she shared chocolates from a basket.  Donna also made Harry Potter boxes for her granddaughter, as well as for her granddaughter’s friend.


In addition to the fabric boxes, Donna showed a cute Halloween bag.

The final showing of the evening was by Jaynie.  Always so creative! Jaynie created the green wall hanging. And, at a fibre network retreat exchange, Jaynie received the second item — leaves exposed to the sun and then embellished.

Our next Guild meeting will be on November 7 and the presenters, Jan and Vera, have asked members to bring the first quilt that they made.  This will be interesting to see the quilts and hear the stories of their creations!

October 3, 2017 Guild meeting

September 5, 2017

Welcome back members to our first quilt meeting of the year.


Colleen is holding a beautiful landscape piece that Michele created from a picture.  Her technique is strip landscaping.  This creation was entered into the Weyburn Arts Council Banner project.  Congratulations, Michele, in being chosen to have your work accepted.  It is now a banner on our Souris River boardwalk.


Using a kit, Charlene made this lovely quilt for her grandson.  It was quilted by Angela in Estevan.

Esther has created two colourful batik pieces — a quilt and a table runner.



Lydia has finished a two fabric bargello quilt and it was beautifully quilted by Colleen.


Sharynne started this cross stitched picture in 2011 and proudly displayed its completion.

Jill showed a Lug-nut quilt design that is on its way to England for a wedding gift.  She also showed  a sewing organizer bag that Marnelle had taught a group.

Colleen, using her new long arm quilting machine, has completed 13 quilts.  The first red and blue one was done from the guild cupboard using a maple leaf motif and cowboys.  This earns Colleen an opportunity to put her name in for a draw at the December meeting.

The second quilt was done at a retreat and is a Dr. Seuss quilt. “My Happy Place”  is the quilt design used.  It is nice and soft with a minke backing.

The third quilt is an interesting pattern she pieced and quilted using  a Majestic Mountain quilt pattern and the quilted design is a spiral square.  We look forward to seeing more quilts with long arm quilting by Colleen.


Jaynie had a new piece as a part of an online challenge with a “nest” theme.  She was inspired with a wasp’s nest.  Most of us would run, but Jaynie used her creativity to express it in fabric!

Remember that the next program at the October 3 Guild meeting will be on Paper Piecing and so we hope members will bring samples they have done to show during this presentation.

September 5, 2017

2017 Fall Retreat

Once again we had a fabulous time sewing with fellow guild members. We started with an appie night on Friday evening. Yum! The weekend continued with an abundance of food and fellowship. Of course project ideas were shared and there are always new techniques and tools to learn about.
Here are a few pictures capturing the weekend.

Then a “pop up ” Quilt Show happened !  Masking tape was all we had to hang things up. We had two visitors to view our show. Lol! Terry Whitman and Christa Marcotte trekked across the country to visit us. We don’t understand why they didn’t come by boat??  It would have been faster.


Monday morning brought an end to another Guild Retreat. We were treated by nature with a tranquil display of mist on the Rafferty. These members were enjoying the moment before final clean up.

IMG_0093Until next year….

2017 Fall Retreat

Wind up Supper/Guild meeting May 2, 2017


A delicious supper was prepared for us by Donna and her Mom.  These ladies prepared a feast that we are still drooling over.  No one went home hungry.  Our only hope is that they repeat their performance another time!!!!


Bonnie started off the Show n Tell with a Canadian theme quilt.  Each province was represented.  The wonky setting almost sent Bonnie wonky but she did a fabulous job!


Leeanne shows us a denim rag quilt in its final stages.  It will be a grad gift so it won’t be around for the September meeting.  Nice how she incorporated so many memories for this lucky young lady.


Another entry from the online challenge that Brenda has been participating in this year.  The theme this month was “Trash”.  Brenda shares her knowledge of Shakespeare’s writing as full of trash.  She wrote the trashy excepts from his work with free motion quilting.  She felt it was similar to Shakespeare trying to use a quill pen….not always the easiest thing to do!

Eva loves to embroider and she incorporates it into her quilts.  Lovely!

Eva also created some great pieced quilts as well.  Busy lady!


Not sure who the creator of this quilt is because they are doing such a good job of hiding behind it! Very striking colours!


This may be the phantom quilter.  Charlene explains how slick the Accuquilt cutter worked to make this denim cathedral windows rag quilt.

Marg has been busy too with banner quilts for Spring and a two fabric bargello.


Esther went to Duck Lake to learn to paper piece the Judy Niemeyer way.  Love her designs and Mami’s Country Quilt Store is on every quilter’s bucket list!!!


Leeann has a top put together from the back cupboard.  This is the first one done for the cupboard challenge.  Don’t panic if you haven’t started yours yet….we have until December 2017.


Adeline shows a very nice 3D wreath.  I think this looks challenging?????


Dorothy showed us this darling denim quilt.  She used tiny magazine figures to inspire her to use them on this quilt. Very special!



Vera finishes Show n Tell with a very compact bag that comes in handy when traveling.  Enough room for a cell phone and wallet! If you are heading to a quilt shop forget the cell phone.  You don’t want to be disturbed 🙂


This brings our guild meetings to an end until September.  See you in the fall!


Wind up Supper/Guild meeting May 2, 2017

Meeting of the Guilds – April 4, 2017

What an enjoyable evening spent with some of our neighbouring guilds.  Thank you to Weyburn guild members who assisted with the evening that was organized by Brenda and Gloria.  They prepared a very welcoming atmosphere decorated in Canada’s red and white colours commemorating the 150 year of Confederation.

Our special trunk show was presented by Jayne Himsl. Her presentation took us on her journey as a beginner quilter(we’ve all been there) to a fibre artist who entered judged shows to gleen constructive feedback to improve her art. With joining fibre art groups,classes and persistence Jayne was juried into an international fibre art show that will tour the world. The first stop is Puduka, Kentucky this summer. She has also been juried into Grand Nationals and CQA. Earning well deserved awards from them. Jaynie was an inspiration to us all!  The following are a few pictures from her Trunk Show.

The next event on the agenda was Show n Tell. Our visitors from Touquay,Kedive and Estevan were invited to bring items. We all love Show n Tell!!

Torquay started off with a number of items that everyone enjoyed. These gals know how to quilt!!!

If you are confused seeing Charlene with the Torquay guild there is no mistake. She belongs to Weyburn’s guild and Torquay’s guild. There are no rules how many guilds you can belong to. No quilt Police! We love sharing as much as she loves sharing❤️

Next on on the list were Weyburn members with their projects.

The evening ended with Quilter’s Strip Poker and prizes. Thank you to everyone attending you made the evening FUN!  See you next year????😍

Meeting of the Guilds – April 4, 2017